Carry Your Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer in One Place

One zipper pouch for your face mask and hand sanitizer.

This is exactly that one gift that is super cool, you won’t find in the stores and shows you care.

Right now, you and your loved ones could use this zipper pouch for your face mask and hand sanitizer, but once this pandemic is over (because it will be), you can use this zipper pouch for your other essentials.

These essentials could include your:

~ Intimate pads

~ Hand lotion

~ Hand sanitizer

~ Phone chargers and more.


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How To Use Your Zipper Pouch

Hi There! Don’t you wish you had a practical pouch, with compartments, so you can store and carry all those essential things with you? (Besides your mask and hand sanitizer, of course). I mean, how about having a place for your contact lenses case, or your phone charger, hair trinkets, tampons and many other so essential things that you need to carry with you whether you’re going near or far. Since you can easily hang this zipper pouch on your purse or backpack, you can take it anywhere with you.

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